Magi-Complex Essence 15 ml

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Magi-Complex Capsules & Essential Oils

Magi-Complex Capsules and Essential Oils are two distinct formulas developed from our proprietary extraction techniques to harness the unsurpassed power of turmeric, frankincense, and myrrh. Using each separately is highly effective, but using both together provides the ultimate “1-2 punch” of health benefits! That’s because applying the essential oils topically enables maximum absorption through the skin, while taking the capsules enables maximum absorption through your body’s internal pathways.

And with the capsule, you’re getting turmeric in its curcumin form (specifically “curcuminoids”) which are very powerful and clinically studied. With the essential oil, you’re getting a CO2 extracted form of turmeric which provides “turmerones” (which effect neural stem cells) and other liposoluble compounds.

IMPORTANT though: Because many of the super-pure ingredients we use in these supplements are hard to come by — and because of the proprietary methods we use to ensure maximum deliverability into your body — we can only produce Magi-Complex Capsules & Essential Oils in small batches. So please get your supply now before we run out!

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