Novis Car Strålningsskydd

Skyddar mot all elektricitet i bilen. Kopplas i ciguttaget. Priset avser en st.

  • Artnr: Biop105

Beskrivning av artikel

Leveranstid 8-10 dagar

The protective device “Novis Car” developed by “Novis” by using a standard adapter designed to charge various gadgets. Inverter module using the adapter is connected to “a plus” of car battery.
This eliminates the negative impact on passengers and the driver of the vehicle electronics, the engine itself. Using the protective device allovs to reduce substantially driver fatigue, easier travel along sections of road with a negative impact on the driver –
(geopathic zone technopathogenic road sections, road sections adjacent to the base stations of mobile phones, wind turbine ets.).

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