Novis Mobil Strålningsskydd

Strålningsskydd för mobiler, plattor, laptops mm

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Beskrivning av artikel

Leveranstid 8-10 dagar

Novis Mobil provides reliable and user-friendly protection against the negative
effects of the torsional (informational) component of electromagnetic radiation
emanating from mobile phones, cordless phones, MP3 players, laptops and
other electronic devices. Novis Mobil reverses the levorotatory Torsion-Fields
to the right.

Stick the Novis with the self-adhesive surface on the back of your mobile
phone, tablet or cordless phone. For laptops, stick 2 Novis Mobil to the
exterior of the battery on the bottom of the laptop.

Clean the surface before mounting Novis Mobil in order to have a secure grip